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SGCA.INFO South Gloucestershire Chinese Association
South Glos Chinese Association
We aim to serve the local Chinese community and raise cultural awareness, eliminating racial discrimination, promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups. Contact to us by email , or post a letter to Coniston Community Centre The Parade Coniston Road Patchway Bristol BS34 5LP. You can also meet our members and get face to face help on every Thursday 11:00 - 13:00 at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre Main Sports Hall (BS32 9BS).
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New Committee's Announcement 2017
2017年新委员会公告 We are very pleased to announce that the new SGCA committee has had their first meeting on the 18th of September 2017. The new Chairperson and Vice Chair have been elected: Chairperson - Wayne Song; Vice Chair - Susan Chung. We would like to express our great appreciation to Wayne and Susan who have unselfishly devoted their time into the community work during past years, and we are delighted that both Wayne and Susan have agreed to continue serving our community as ...
AGM & Mid-Autumn celebration 开年会, ...
Dear members and members to be, 华人兄弟姊妹们: SGCA' s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and earlycelebration of Mid- Autumn festival will be held together on Sunday, the 10th Sept2017, from 1-4 pm at Brook Way ActivityCentre, Bradley Stoke BS32 9DA (near Bradley Stoke Surgery). 南格郡华人协会将于九月十日星期天召开2017年年会暨庆中秋聚餐会,时间:下午一至四点,地点:BrookWay Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke BS32 9DA(在诊所旁边)。 Agenda of the meeting会议日程: 1. Chair's report on the wo ...
Activities are run in Sept 九月各项活动持 ...
Activities are run in Sept 九月各项活动持续开展 We just had a very successful Summer day trip to Tenby in Walse. All the attendees enjoy it very much and hope more trips in future. 我们刚刚在威尔士的Tenby成功地进行了夏季一日游。参加的会员们都很开心,并希望协会组织更多的出游。 After summer holiday SGCA will continue / resume other activities其它各项活动有: 1. 合唱团 Choir will be resumed on every other Sundays in Sept. 2. 舞蹈队 Dance group will continue on Thursday evenings starting ...

Art and Cultural Events
Mini Moon Festival-Far East Meets West (1-10-2017)
Sunday 1st Oct 3pm-8pm - O2 Academy Bristol Feat. Fifi Rong (Collaborations with Tricky, Skepta - BBC Radio 1 / 6 Music) Support: Makala Cheung (Empress album launch - BBC Radio 1Xtra / Introducing) Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Manga, Origami, Dumplings and more Full line-up: Tickets £10 Age 8+
Chinese School
学学中文吧 (zt)
中文八级考试试题1. 冬天:能穿多少穿多少。夏天:能穿多少穿多少。 2. 剩女产生的原因:一是谁都不喜欢, 二是谁都不喜欢。 3. 地铁里听见一个女孩子大概是给她男友打电话:“我已经到了西直门了,你赶快出 ...
上个星期六,我们学习了《找朋友》这首歌。我个学生留了作业,让大家给这首歌重新填词。四句话,每句6-8个字,用拼音写就可以。 今天,大家都来交作业。出乎我的意外,学生们都太有才了。 (1) 早上早上早上 ...
Vote/Poll 投票/民意调查






SGCA 電子小報 存档 2014年十一月
Useful Information
Re-open of English class on 6th Sept 英语 ...
Free English class will be re-opened on Wed the 6th Sept from 1-3 pm. Thereafter running at same time every Wednesday. The venue for the class is 16 Kings Court, Kings Way, Little Stoke BS34 6JW. Interrested please drop in to enrol. 免费的英语课在九月6日星期三,下午1-3点重新开课了。此后,每星期三同一时间都开课。上课地点在 16 Kings Court, Kings Way, Little Stoke BS32 6JW. 欢迎有意者申请入学。
每周4下午1-2点,有义工在BS图书馆教你如何 ...
本人 Katherine Sun, 由2 月16 日起為 Bradley Stoke 圖書館華籍義工, 每逢星期四, 下午 1 點至2 點, 在圖書館內解答或指導有關電腦操作問題, 如登入中文網站, 開設/登記網上帳戶, 上載相片到互聯網, 網上繳費, 或網上購買機票等. 本人具備相關知識樂意為華人或有需要人士提供幫助. Greetings! My name is Katherine Sun and I am a Chinese volunteer at Bradley Stoke Library. Starting from 16th February, 2017 (and ther ...
Upcoming Events
Yate International Festival 16-09-2017
Yate International Festival @St Mary’s Green (for all performers, please arrive before 11am) 6 Church Rd, Yate, Bristol BS37 5BG, UK 10.45am Opening Ceremony 11am Cameroonian Mundi Dance & D ...
Life is Beautiful
华人协会的老会员,陈亨民先生去世了。今天我们去为他送行。 早就知道陈先生是位高级工程师,是数学和物理的专家。今天才听到,陈先生也是一位文才横溢的业余作家。来英国前,他曾经出版了两本书。到了英国,陈先生努力学习英文,写下了近一百首英文诗。 陈先生的女儿们把陈先生的诗和他的一部中篇小说汇编出版了一本书,'Life is Beautiful'。 我们得到陈先生家人的允许,将在这里陆续登载他的诗。 下面这首诗诗今天在追悼会上由主持人朗诵的。 When I was a Boy When I was a boy, My parents told me, I should be ...

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